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Due to a decrease in mobility it is likely that the person with dementia will be in a sitting position more often than usual, particularly in the mid to late stages. This can cause painful swelling around the ankle and lower leg, which may further limit their movement, possibly causing them to become isolated due to immobility and at a greater risk of falling. The padded sole provides extra cushioning to the toe, sole and heel for supreme comfort.

Diabetic Padded Sole Socks help to promote good circulation to and from the lower leg by using compression. This may help to prevent the fluid build-up from occurring in the first place, promoting a healthier physical condition and potentially decreasing the risk of falling due to instability caused by pain and swelling.

Diabetic Padded Sole Socks are easy to put on and come in a 2 pair pack in sizes: 3-5, 6-8 and 9-11. Also available in Beige, Black and Navy Blue.

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