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From the mid stage onwards, dressing can become very difficult due to a lack of dexterity. This can be extremely frustrating, causing feelings of helplessness. Often times, clothes that are far too big are substituted for better fitting clothes because they are easier to get on, robbing the individual of their self-identity and dignity.

The Long Sleeve Petal Back Blouse is a great way to help maintain the dignity and self-identity of the individual. A stylish V-neck blouse with deep arm holes and overlapping back panels make it very easy to get on. Simply slide it up the arms and over the head. 100% polyester jersey knit, machine washable at 60 degrees, no ironing needed.

Also available in a Blue and Pink Pattern, a Green and Mauve Pattern, Green/Red Floral and solid Light Blue or Navy
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

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