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Getting in and out of the bath can be very difficult for the person with dementia and for the carer who is trying to assist them. Struggling with poor mobility and a lack of balance the person with dementia will require extra stability during this task. This Inflatable Bath Lift makes taking a bath easy, by gently lowering the person with dementia to the bottom of the bath, increasing stability and comfort. Once there, a small amount of air can be left in the cushion to act as a back support, or all of the air can be released to lay right back at the bottom of the bath and bathe as normal. When the bath is finished, the Inflatable Bath Lift can be re-inflated at the touch of a button to lift the person steadily back level with the top of the bath. This lift will not lower the user into the bath unless there is sufficient battery power to raise them back out again. A wide seat, with few seams protects fragile skin. This lift is portable and easy to put away. Supplied with battery.Inflated size: 580mm(w) x 440mm(d) x 400mm(h)Maximum user weight: 150kg (24 stone)Weight: 2kg