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As dementia progresses, eating can be harder as co-ordination declines and it becomes harder to feed yourself using standard crockery and cutlery. Swallowing and chewing can also get harder in the later stages of dementia. This can mean that eating a meal takes longer, and food is more likely to go cold, making the whole experience less enjoyable.This Find adaptive crockery set is made from hard-wearing melamine, which means it’s less likely to shatter if dropped, is dishwasher safe and is lightweight, so it’s easier for people with less strength to use.The plates and cups have a broad base for greater stability while a lipped rim reduces spillages. This can help improve the manipulation of food and ultimately maintain the dignity of someone while they eat – a key component for a good quality of life.The set includes two plates (7” & 10”), a dish, and a cup with lid.Available in blue, yellow and “>ivory.