2-Way Neck & Back Massager



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Caring for someone who has dementia can be a very difficult and stressful job; physically and emotionally draining at times. It is a rare thing to find a product that can be used effectively by both the carer and the person being cared for. However, this massager is one such item.

The 2-way massager has a choice of 14 massage programs, helping to deliver a mixture of kneading, pulse, rolling, tapping and wave massage techniques that can relax muscles, relieve stiffness and improve blood circulation. Each program has 4 intensity levels from which to choose, using the built in controller with digital display. A quick zip allows the device to transform into a belt massager, great for treating lower back or waist pain associated with lifting. Finished in faux leather style with hand straps that allow the user to adjust the position and pressure for the perfect massage. Mains operated from adapter.